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I Shaved My Head Bald
7 dagen geleden
Maand geleden
TikTok GuyLiner Makeup!
Maand geleden
Playing Among Us In Real Life 2!
2 maanden geleden
Paparazzi Picks My Makeup!!
2 maanden geleden
Playing Among Us In Real Life!
3 maanden geleden
Doing Lil Nas X's Makeup!
3 maanden geleden
Among Us Picks My Makeup!
3 maanden geleden
Mlondy Khumalo
Mlondy Khumalo 6 uur geleden
My favorite 😍😍❤❤❤
Maja Jurkovic
Maja Jurkovic 6 uur geleden
limija74 6 uur geleden
•Hi• Toga
•Hi• Toga 6 uur geleden
I look up to him when I was little we had to dress like what we wanna be when we grow up I dressed like him and said hi sisters all day and I still do lol
I Do be Lazy Doe ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
OoOh looks like someone got caught ms mama. Better not shister drop that soap.
Marie joe Abou fadel
Marie joe Abou fadel 6 uur geleden
eeekk ehehehe idk why im this happy but i have the exact sameeeee boot heheheheh
Éxpløsívé Bãkúgø
SIR THIS MADE ME CRY THO-💀 but it's amazing I love this so much 🥺🥺
Shirley Benedict
Shirley Benedict 6 uur geleden
im from india and there is no snow there i wish there was snow ive never even touched snow in rl TvT
Sophia Burns
Sophia Burns 6 uur geleden
Me sneezing: achoo 🤧 James sneezing:achOOooOoooOOoooO
fiadh mahon
fiadh mahon 6 uur geleden
The kid wasn't even five at the time and he had a phone like wtff!!??
Rose Batty
Rose Batty 6 uur geleden
Does James have a paper clip earring?! WOW
Amy Beyor
Amy Beyor 6 uur geleden
I think they look THE SAME!!! The only difference is the shiny cheek bone on James side but I’m not a fan of that- so Mario won in my book.
Ayla 6 uur geleden
Me:how many siblings do you have? James:1 brother and 25million sisters
Molly 6 uur geleden
POV: your watching this in 2022 XD
Emma Geleleens
Emma Geleleens 6 uur geleden
Tis is so good good job👍🏻
Kadie Lane
Kadie Lane 6 uur geleden
Namrata Jogdand
Namrata Jogdand 6 uur geleden
I love how confident he felt either way. Boo you beautiful 🖤✨🌻
Surprise Shawty
Surprise Shawty 6 uur geleden
arda139_ 6 uur geleden
That white thing looks like a head condom
Mariam Khalid
Mariam Khalid 6 uur geleden
evelina lastovka
evelina lastovka 6 uur geleden
трум трум
Ariaeditss 6 uur geleden
He looked like jefree star on the thumbnail ngl
tanu Sharma
tanu Sharma 6 uur geleden
Love from india james you are the greatest makeup artist no competition.
Shreeya Kumar
Shreeya Kumar 6 uur geleden
Your nails look insanely look good.
samiya ameeru vava ammu
Part2 pls❤
Samantha Clarke
Samantha Clarke 6 uur geleden
i had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much snow
lola Gotcha
lola Gotcha 6 uur geleden
James: let's add milk to the recipe Me: no no No add water
vlog with iqra
vlog with iqra 6 uur geleden
Like seriously you are a boy
Lylian Norton
Lylian Norton 6 uur geleden
I did everything to get the prizes
Itz_lizziegacha !!!
Itz_lizziegacha !!! 6 uur geleden
Can u do insane makeup looks for ur next vid
Lily Mccaulay
Lily Mccaulay 6 uur geleden
We not gonna talk about what you done
• c l o u d s •
• c l o u d s • 6 uur geleden
Im not the only on that cried at Larrays gift to James *cry* <3 Love you guys
Wolfiez Universe Gaming
Elliot is adorableeeeee this is one of my fav James Charles videos! <3
BlueTrashGhost 6 uur geleden
Thats Not true!!
Maya Calleja Whitehead
Do apart 3 pls I really want to see you rage again. You`re really funny when you shout
samiya ameeru vava ammu
Part2 pls
Sargoll Sameei
Sargoll Sameei 6 uur geleden
Next part
uts103 uts103
uts103 uts103 6 uur geleden
I live in INDIA ☺
Crizan Joy Vlogs
Crizan Joy Vlogs 6 uur geleden
Soon, I will be a successful vlogger like him😊 In God's perfect time😇 God bless😇
Kathakali Sarkar
Kathakali Sarkar 6 uur geleden
Vlogging Chicken
Vlogging Chicken 6 uur geleden
He is the gram Ramsey of make up
Kadie Lane
Kadie Lane 6 uur geleden
Manich Saom
Manich Saom 6 uur geleden
Kim H
Kim H 6 uur geleden
@ James Charles: I was watching your review video of your old (now even older) NLblock videos, where you were trying to make comedy :P And you noticed, that you mouth the lines of others, when you have to do multiple takes....guess what your brother does here at the end of the video :D
Manich Saom
Manich Saom 6 uur geleden
Hi sister Jim Charlie- ehhim
Yassin Khaled
Yassin Khaled 6 uur geleden
I know ur a vampire 🧛‍♂️
Yassin Khaled
Yassin Khaled 6 uur geleden
I know ur a vampire 🧛‍♂️
Yassin Khaled
Yassin Khaled 6 uur geleden
I know ur a vampire 🧛‍♂️
Yassin Khaled
Yassin Khaled 6 uur geleden
I know ur a vampire 🧛‍♂️
Yassin Khaled
Yassin Khaled 6 uur geleden
I know ur a vampire 🧛‍♂️
Yassin Khaled
Yassin Khaled 6 uur geleden
I know ur a vampire 🧛‍♂️
Yassin Khaled
Yassin Khaled 6 uur geleden
I know ur a vampire 🧛‍♂️
CozyRose1 6 uur geleden
POV: me thinking why all the comment say pov
Yassin Khaled
Yassin Khaled 6 uur geleden
I know ur a vampire 🧛‍♂️
Syd _
Syd _ 6 uur geleden
see you guys during the next grooming allegation and the next time you guys let it slide without truly looking into it :)
Lessie 6 uur geleden
What happened with him?
Amaxrathine 6 uur geleden
how do you date a 16 year old &/!/&£\£|€| why can’t you just date someone your age
Ebenezer Sam
Ebenezer Sam 6 uur geleden
The halting algeria bailly bat because doctor epidemiologically smash into a rhetorical bean. ten, giant mail
Eva Nacovska
Eva Nacovska 6 uur geleden
Noah is so cute with Dixie
Mahalia Thomasson
Mahalia Thomasson 6 uur geleden
Bretamen at 10:28
Kennedy Coleman
Kennedy Coleman 6 uur geleden
I am so sorry James u are the best ur talented and amazing
iris da god
iris da god 6 uur geleden
Hi,Megan plays made you a roblox account you should ask her if you could have it or you can make 1 it would be great content bc you can ask peple in chat to choose your makeup kinda like among us
Tracey Smyth
Tracey Smyth 6 uur geleden
hi james can i have a shout out ps i love youre makup looks
BB Brown
BB Brown 6 uur geleden
Hi James
Natália Masszi
Natália Masszi 6 uur geleden
I love it the Doja Cat songsss!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quinn Roth
Quinn Roth 6 uur geleden
When he said blond boy I was like :);)/@-.!/&!.&/-‘xseja
bjetsz 6 uur geleden
Yes I’d love to see a part 3 :)
rianbow mea
rianbow mea 6 uur geleden
Why do you hate kenzie like ur ignoring her
Kenza Tazi
Kenza Tazi 6 uur geleden
Omg, you look so pretty sister like always!
Nila Mahi
Nila Mahi 6 uur geleden
I have no snow in my country I live in India
purple sunflower
purple sunflower 6 uur geleden
Larray: what's his last name? Person filming: Dickinson Larray: *Dickinson?* 🤯
Manuela Salazar O
Manuela Salazar O 6 uur geleden
i want for chrismas a mac book
Heidi Rocks
Heidi Rocks 6 uur geleden
I can’t even do horrible makeup
Chime 6 uur geleden
Elijona Jusufi
Elijona Jusufi 6 uur geleden
Chase:Hey charli🥰 Charli:Don't talk to me🤐
GachaEye 6 uur geleden
LMAO THE TITLE “I shaved my head bald” LMAOOAAOOA
Julia Kowal
Julia Kowal 6 uur geleden
Poland nie dotarł XD (IM FROME POLAND)
CallmeFaye 6 uur geleden
We're same Sister I obsessed with Coca Cola
DD MM 6 uur geleden
didn't aged well