I Paid Off My Parent's House *EMOTIONAL* 

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HI SISTERS! Merry Christmas! Today's video is very special to me. My Mom & Dad are my biggest supporters so for this Christmas, I wanted to do something special for them to say thank you. I paid off their mortgage and filmed their reaction for us and you guys to remember. This wouldn't be possible if it weren't for you, so thank you for an amazing 2020.
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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25 dec. 2020




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Stephanie OsitaOsadebe Recipes
Good job Charles
Weaam Al-Attaya
Weaam Al-Attaya 9 uur geleden
You have your mother's beautiful eyes :) love love love you are incredible!
Hey it's keria
Hey it's keria 12 uur geleden
The sleepy tin admittedly saw because event psychologically bless behind a entertaining wallet. spurious, lively sheep
ALTER 0 13 uur geleden
He's a makeup artist He's a youtuber He's a tiktoker He's a loyal person Most of all he have big heart for spending time with his family❤ Ily sister
hdb80 13 uur geleden
He has the most loving, emotional papa.
Sofia Perez
Sofia Perez 14 uur geleden
i love how you can hear everyone sniffling in the back round🤧🥺
94darianbird 17 uur geleden
Months and months after this video.. and I'm still here crying my eyes out LOL
Leah Young
Leah Young 18 uur geleden
When he said Sister sneaky~ It made my day
sasha torrealba
sasha torrealba 18 uur geleden
Hailey Beasley
Hailey Beasley 21 uur geleden
I live in North Carolina as well!!
Yuvnesh Rai
Yuvnesh Rai Dag geleden
Same thing here.I get u, stay safe 🙏😘
Evelyn Cruz
Evelyn Cruz Dag geleden
I like the how is parent support him
Atiqa Kulana
Atiqa Kulana Dag geleden
imma crying 😭
Fadhilah Assaqaf
Fadhilah Assaqaf 2 dagen geleden
Ampoong bicara pe capaat
D. V.
D. V. 2 dagen geleden
Das Video könnte wesentlich kürzer sein wenn er sich nicht ständig wiederholen würde
Jeanine emilie
Jeanine emilie 2 dagen geleden
He’s a soooooo good son omg😍😍😍😍
Create With Verity
Create With Verity 2 dagen geleden
I'm not crying, you're crying!
Chelsea Neal
Chelsea Neal 3 dagen geleden
I know that I’m late but I love you sister! 🥺
W B 3 dagen geleden
No offense, if you have money, I don't understand why you do not buy a house for your parents, that's what's normal, no questions. Well, good on you. Bless.
Valkyrie 0801
Valkyrie 0801 3 dagen geleden
James dads "No way" right before they hug really got me emotional. ❤
lol no
lol no 3 dagen geleden
I love it when u say ur not gonna cry but then u cry
Drake 3 dagen geleden
Aww that was soo sweet😊
Lekshmi anilraj
Lekshmi anilraj 4 dagen geleden
Are u boy or girls
JazminCabrera 4 dagen geleden
Your dads no way broke my heart 🥺😫 I cried with him instantly 😭
Redrose Antonio
Redrose Antonio 5 dagen geleden
awwh this made me cry too 🥰🥰🥰
Beth Forbes
Beth Forbes 5 dagen geleden
I still receive my Ipsy bag every month and I love it!
Beth Forbes
Beth Forbes 5 dagen geleden
I love the house where you grew up and I love the love that you and your family share and wow what an emotional video. Thank you for this. Lots of m u a h
Siti Nazahiyah Rahmat
Siti Nazahiyah Rahmat 5 dagen geleden
Is he sibling with addison cause the mom's face is the same like addi 😐
kuu cifix
kuu cifix 5 dagen geleden
I'm not crying someone is cutting onions 🤧
Izzy Marie
Izzy Marie 6 dagen geleden
Who’s waching this in 2021
Tash 6 dagen geleden
Your family owns their home. That’s huge. I’m crying!
sydney rigstad
sydney rigstad 6 dagen geleden
One of my goals is to get my mom out of her current place and in to a new one ❤️
sydney rigstad
sydney rigstad 6 dagen geleden
That was so sweet James! It was hard for me not to cry too!
Yeonie 6 dagen geleden
1:51 James Starts Crying
Makayla Thomas
Makayla Thomas 6 dagen geleden
Lou Pierrot
Lou Pierrot 6 dagen geleden
James: There's like two feet of snow! Me freezing my ass out in Quebec: ...
tumamaentriciclo 6 dagen geleden
I keep going back to this video and keep crying every single time
Loes Heijmans
Loes Heijmans 6 dagen geleden
It is 11pm and you just made me cry...but in a good way. I love that you did this.
Lilian Webster
Lilian Webster 6 dagen geleden
this is sooooo cuttee
Ale 12
Ale 12 6 dagen geleden
God bless you ❤️
Ale 12
Ale 12 6 dagen geleden
You are amaizing ❤️🥺🥰
yameena kasuji
yameena kasuji 7 dagen geleden
Omg ur the cutest family ever 😍🥰
Miledys Marchant
Miledys Marchant 7 dagen geleden
Dios te bendiga ,,que bello hijo
Miledys Marchant
Miledys Marchant 7 dagen geleden
Y también lloreew
Ganna Lavrova
Ganna Lavrova 7 dagen geleden
I love your family 🤩
feyz naik
feyz naik 7 dagen geleden
James I'm 16 and an artist my wish is just same to give my parents a home and a comfortable life which they deserve.... so wish me luck
Donellia Salmon
Donellia Salmon 7 dagen geleden
😭😭😭😭😭😭tears of happiness😭😭😭😭😭
Donellia Salmon
Donellia Salmon 7 dagen geleden
I love how his mom dress
Keeva Rushton
Keeva Rushton 7 dagen geleden
QUEEN you had the best glowup love u sister
cindy benites
cindy benites 7 dagen geleden
Aww! You are Soo nice James!
Himed2004 Amal
Himed2004 Amal 7 dagen geleden
Himed2004 Amal
Himed2004 Amal 7 dagen geleden
Ai LOVE SOMATH😍😍👪👪👪💋❤😄😁😀
Himed2004 Amal
Himed2004 Amal 7 dagen geleden
Ow swi kiwt lovi jamsi 💋❤💜🤗
Being offended is a choice
This was very sweet of you. ❤
abhishek shankar
abhishek shankar 7 dagen geleden
you've got your dad's eyes and your mom's lips
Ryley Sather
Ryley Sather 8 dagen geleden
I wish I could do this for my parents 🥺😭
Mason plays vlogs
Mason plays vlogs 8 dagen geleden
Wow that was amazing like just wow and can we talk about how you grew up in a storybook like seriously beautiful home.
Crystal's Country Crafts
Crystal's Country Crafts 8 dagen geleden
Crying.. I so wish I could for that for mine. Love this so much!
Thalia Grace
Thalia Grace 8 dagen geleden
This is amazing I want so something like this in the future for my parents
chimmyswift11jr 8 dagen geleden
Brilliant love this
Mell Flowers
Mell Flowers 8 dagen geleden
tbh this is so cute and inspiring... i wish i could do something like that for my mom too lovely james!
Romieza Grace Mayo
Romieza Grace Mayo 8 dagen geleden
UndergroundCustoms Toronto
James is a great dude.
Chantell Henman
Chantell Henman 9 dagen geleden
I'm crying too 😂😭
sxmplygrxce 9 dagen geleden
me: *cries* them: *cries* also them: *thank you so much ;( we had no idea* *me: oml this is so emotional ;(*
Hiblackie 10 dagen geleden
Not good crying first thing in the morning. How thoughtful of him!
Danielle Isabela Barbarac
Danielle Isabela Barbarac 10 dagen geleden
Its a blessing to have supportive parents its a big impact to ur wholebeing.
Blue Bird
Blue Bird 10 dagen geleden
7:22 Wtf hes so pretty with hair down? I
Brian Webb
Brian Webb 10 dagen geleden
I love ur videos James!!!
Matt heww
Matt heww 10 dagen geleden
Talia Hariri
Talia Hariri 10 dagen geleden
Oh my god this is so nice and emotional 😭
Angela Krause
Angela Krause 10 dagen geleden
Tears🥲..and I don’t even cry. Such a lovely family.
martin oliver
martin oliver 10 dagen geleden
Sarai R
Sarai R 10 dagen geleden
That moment his parents teared up, gosh it got me too.. So sweet James. ❤
Idk Anymore
Idk Anymore 10 dagen geleden
I want to do this to my parents but I’m poor 🥲
• A N I X •
• A N I X • 11 dagen geleden
Why people dislike the video: they have a upside dow phone :3
Leah Clark
Leah Clark 11 dagen geleden
omg i just cried
Risky Permatasari
Risky Permatasari 11 dagen geleden
Love you jamessss
smjkk k
smjkk k 11 dagen geleden
i really want to pay my family back as well... maybe someday i will. love you so much James. ❤️
Ali-Roblox 11 dagen geleden
Search Elijah H.
Paul Adams
Paul Adams 11 dagen geleden
Omg that was so sweet it made me cry God bless you you are a good son
Luz Adriana Chirivi
Luz Adriana Chirivi 12 dagen geleden
Crying 😭😭😭😭
Tarun 12 dagen geleden
i believe every kid should keep doing something for their parents every now and then.We still cant repay the dept we owe to our parents though.
Amanda Lillis
Amanda Lillis 12 dagen geleden
Amanda Lillis
Amanda Lillis 12 dagen geleden
That is such a wonderful thing u did for them your amazing god bless u
It's T.T from Tdot
It's T.T from Tdot 12 dagen geleden
When he started to give the house tour...I started humming the Jefferson’s theme song..
Did By Daej
Did By Daej 12 dagen geleden
I’m not crying, you are.
Alli McElroy
Alli McElroy 12 dagen geleden
How cool to be able to take care of your parents like this.
Toni Robinson
Toni Robinson 12 dagen geleden
These invisable ninjas chopping onions again..
Leela Davis
Leela Davis 12 dagen geleden
You have to have a heart made of coal to "thumbs down" this video!
d0obier4t 12 dagen geleden
god dammit i cried so fucking hard
Rishika_friday21 12 dagen geleden
Icek N
Icek N 12 dagen geleden
I don't live in America so I don't understand the house he grew up in wasn't fully of their parents? Were they paying rent or something? Someone explain pls
Kawi Potato
Kawi Potato 12 dagen geleden
This make anyone else cry😭😂🥺xx
Willotoma Rocci
Willotoma Rocci 12 dagen geleden
Heard a lot of negative stuff about James, clicked onto this vid by mistake. Now I am a new subscriber. Beautiful video. ❤
aaronspaulding205 12 dagen geleden
I subscribed because of this video...your parents seem amazing, and it apparently rubbed off on you. From a total stranger, I am EXTREMELY proud of you!
Amy McCreary
Amy McCreary 12 dagen geleden
Sister... you’re such a beautiful soul! 👏💕🌈
Faye Rosie
Faye Rosie 12 dagen geleden
Omg this is beautful
Daisy Vargas
Daisy Vargas 13 dagen geleden
God bless your beautiful heart!
mark anim
mark anim 13 dagen geleden
Marina Verte
Marina Verte 13 dagen geleden
omg i'm crying
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